Core Communication is the premier applied interpersonal communication skills course. In Core , you learn six talking skills and five listening skills for resolving conflicts, making decisions, solving problems, and negotiating more effectively. These practical communication skills strengthen your relationships and increase your personal and professional opportunities.

In this engaging and positive course, you learn to:

  • Expand self-awareness.
  • Increase understanding of others.
  • Talk and listen more productively.
  • Initiate faster, better resolutions to conflicts — inside yourself and with others.
  • Reduce interpersonal tension and stress.
  • Acquire greater skill in negotiating and facilitating change.
  • Create successful approaches for handling difficult conversations.
  • Recognize your own impact on others.
  • Turn resistance into a resource.
  • Enhance your personal power and influence.
  • Develop confidence that you can communicate effectively in any situation.

Facilitators offer the program through colleges and universities, congregations, other organizations, or as independent instructors.