Program Developers

The developers of Core Communication are Sherod Miller, Ph.D., and Phyllis A. Miller, Ph.D., of Interpersonal Communications Programs, Inc. (ICP). Their goal is to help you live life better – to achieve greater interpersonal competence. This means you are able to:

  • Communicate more skillfully and effectively
  • Make better decisions and resolve conflicts collaboratively
  • Build healthier, more satisfying relationships with family, friends, and people at work and elsewhere

ICP is perhaps best known as the originator and registered copyright holder of the Awareness Wheel®, which is the structure of any issue or situation. The Wheel is also the foundation for decision making, problem solving, and conflict resolution, as well as for clear talking skills. In addition, ICP is noted for other frameworks, including the Styles of Communication® Map, the Listening Cycle®, and the collaborative process called Mapping an IssueTM. The Core Communication course, in addition to other programs developed by ICP for couples and business, teaches you how to put these frameworks to practical use.

Background on Core Communication

The concepts and skills taught in CORE were originally researched and developed at the University of Minnesota. The processes operationalize modern information and systems theory, and the innovative learning tools apply discoveries from neuroscience. The skills and processes are consistent with historical and contemporary pscyhological theories, with the listening skills specifically relating to theories on empathy. Over the years, more than a million and a half people have participated in the powerful and practical programs using these concepts, skills, and processes.

Home of Core Communication

Materials for Core Communication, along with those for the program COUPLE COMMUNICATION (CC), are now distributed through The RIDGE Project, Inc. in McClure, OH. Instructor training for these programs is sponsored by The RIDGE, as well. Directors of The RIDGE are Ron and Catherine Tijerina, certified CC instructors and training associates. For more information on the CC program, please go to www.couplecommunication.com. For more information on the Tijerinas and The RIDGE Project, please go to tyro365.com.

September 2015